Are you looking to PROSPR, but don’t want to do it alone?

Tap into your ability to PROSPR multiplied by the power of group.

Share challenges, resources, support, accountability, and celebration of milestones –  

all at a price that makes you smile!

The doors to the ‘PROSPRity Program’ are now open!

In our sessions we will explore:

  • – Finances: The great elephant in the room
  • – Why we struggle?
  • – Making changes: Where to start. How to do it
  • – How your money flows: Track and plan using financial and PROSPR tools
  • – How much is ‘enough’?
  • – Know your money personality
  • – Understanding debt: Good vs Bad
  • – Creating a ‘Cash cushion’
  • – Having healthy conversations about money
  • – The power of setting goals (together!)
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