lift the money stress off
your shoulders.

Transform your worries
into peace of mind

Transform Your Financial Reality For Life

Do You Worry
About Money?

Do you...

Get that sinking feeling when you see the credit card bill?

Lose sleep and agonize over how you are going to get through the month?

Cringe when you see the school administrator’s number on the Caller ID? There is only one thing he could be calling about….

Stay away from charity fundraisers?

Miss the times when conversations with your spouse weren’t all about money?

Wonder if there will ever be a time when you won’t have money on your mind anymore?

There is a way to flip the money conversation.
PROSPR trains you to turn financial weakness & stress into money muscle & confidence.
Do You Worry About Money?

What If
You Can...

Smile at your daughter when she needs money for her 5th school trip of the year? And you can say, “Sure, sweetie...”

Anticipate your son’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah with peace of mind and a real thrill?

Sign the lease for the new car and get your wife that new couch she really needs….

Swipe the credit card for your next purchase without worry…

Appreciate your spouse’s financial outlook and your spouse can appreciate yours?

Or maybe you’re a business owner and –

You live with income that comes in unevenly
– some months you have a lot of money,
other months nada…

You play the credit card transfer game with every payment due…
Your palms sweat when you sit down to reconcile your bank statement…

There is a better way.
PROSPR gives you financial
while you live focused on
the things you care about most.

There is a better way. PROSPR gives you financial clarity, while you live focused on the things you care about most.
Simi Mandelbaum

“Hi! I’m Simi and I know you can achieve financial health and confidence.”

“I’ve studied and worked with people and finances for over 10 years, and in every situation there are opportunities and spaces to thrive. At PROSPR, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to money and relationships which brings about positive change and renewed energy. Time and again, I’ve watched our clients reach goals that were just distant dreams before we met.”

Simi Mandelbaum, CFT-I, AFC, FBS®, is a Certified Financial Therapist (CFT-I)
certified by the Financial Therapy Association, an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) certified by the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education®, graduated from the Certified Financial Therapy program at Kansas State University, a certified Mesila Financial Coach, and a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®. Her specialty is helping families and individuals thrive while they juggle their high cost of living. Simi’s experience and passion allow her to impact and truly empathize with every client.

Our 4-Step Process:
The 4P’s Of MoneyTM

simple, intuitive, and flexibly tailored just for you:

  • Present your current status
  • Picture your values and mindset
  • Plan your strategy
  • Prospr with peace of mind

You will:

  • Know where every dollar of your
    paycheck goes before it disappears
  • Understand your money blocks and
    learn how to work with them
  • Build new money skills to anticipate
    and plan for your financial needs
  • Monitor and adjust your plan
    to fit into your life

Client Achievements Include

  • 42%

    increase in
    personal income

  • 6 months

    From drowning in debt
    to feeling in control

  • 50% avg

    debt reduction
    after one year

  • “I thought that financial counseling would be like a yoyo diet where I would be made to spend less during the course and then I’d go back to impulse spending a few months after. I was wrong! Not once was I told how to spend my money. The PROSPR program taught me to understand my spending habits and my relationship with money. Working with PROSPR completely changed my mindset, gave me a healthy outlook on money, and helped me achieve my financial goals.”

  • “Simi isn’t just talk. She is someone who has the capabilities, dedication, and compassion to really listen and the ability to help her clients make real changes.”

    Devorah and Simchi L
  • “When I started with PROSPR, things got simplified. I used to over-complicate a lot of decisions, but now I feel supported. I have someone to speak with when I feel lost.”

    Ari H
  • “Without PROSPR I would never have realized that with my level of skill and work experience I could
    and should go out and get a whole other league of income. I’m now on track to double my last
    year’s income!”

    Tzivia G
  • “I’m out of debt. That’s massive! Thank you, PROSPR!”

    Esty S
  • “Every time I work with PROSPR, I feel invigorated and leave my sessions ready to
    tackle a challenge.”

    Menachem H.
  • “Simi wanted me to reach my goals, and she believed in me. The money I spent was well worth it. She’s taught me the foundation for everything I need to know to scale my business”

    Shlomie D

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Kimberly Olson, AFC Candidate

Financial Coach

Kimberly brings her many years of experience as an analyst and accountant to the PROSPR Coaching team. Her desire to help others overcome their obstacles and achieve financial freedom has led her to pursue financial coaching with PROSPR.
Kimberly has passed the rigorous Accredited Financial Counselor® exam and is in the process of completing her certification. In her spare time, she volunteers at a number of community centers helping those in need of financial counseling. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and dog in her home state of Minnesota.

Meir Neiman, MBA

Financial Coach

Meir has been the recipient and received the benefit of PROSPR financial coaching. He has a deep passion for passing those benefits on to others.
Meir earned his MBA in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Bellevue University. He has 10+ years of experience in the financial services area, specifically in the complex Home Buying or Mortgage process.
Meir lives in New Jersey with his wife and 6 children.

Ariella Gofman, FFC

Lead Financial Coach

Ariella is a Certified Family Financial Coach, certified by Esh Lidor, and a Certified Financial Literacy Educator, certified by Mesilla International. She is passionate about reducing the stress people feel around money and has taught pre-marital and newlywed financial education curriculums for many organizations.
As Lead Financial Coach at PROSPR, Ariella strives to bring clarity and peace of mind to our clients relating to their money lives. Using the PROSPR Plan software, she helps our clients achieve a financial life that aligns with their values & feel more confident about managing their money. 
Ariella lives with her husband and 5 children in Jerusalem, Israel.

Simi Mandelbaum CFT-1, AFC, FBS®

CEO & Founder

Simi is the Founder and CEO of PROSPR Financial Wellness, a center dedicated to reducing the stress and anxiety people feel around money. Incepted in 2019, Simi has helped hundreds of clients reduce debt, increase income, and most importantly live their money lives true to their goals and values!
Simi is a Certified Financial Therapist (CFT-I) accredited by the Financial Therapy Association; an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) licensed by the AFCPE, a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist (FBS®) and completed the Kansas State University Masters Certificate Program in Financial Therapy.
Simi was featured on the popular podcast, Kosher Money and provides resources to Living Smarter a division of the Orthodox Union. She has presented at the AFCPE National Convention, Mesila International and EPI, among others.

Christopher Stuart

Software Specialist

Chris is PROSPR’s all-around Software Guru. He is certified in a number of technologies and specializes in Data Architecture, Zapier, Web Design, Google Workspace Administration, JavaScript, Node.js, GitHub, WordPress, and Google Apps Script, among others.
Chris brings his skills as a former Firefighter at Elk Creek Fire Protection District, with expertise in Problem Solving and Incident Management, to his position at PROSPR. He is always up to the challenge of solving any IT crisis the Company may face.